"Dont say you hate your fam-" No.

"Omg you should love your fami-" No.

"Be grateful they’re your famil-" No.

If you have been bullied, hit, teased, put down, hurt, lied to, or hated by you’re own family; you don’t need to justify how you feel. You dont need to explain yourself. You are allowed to hate a family member or dislike a family member if they’ve given you a reason to.

(via keepingupwiththekardacheyennes)

Sometimes it just feels like it doesn’t exist..
That I can keep on going and pretending we never happened
That the feelings aren’t there
That you weren’t there
That none of it was ever fucking real
But then theres days like today….
When I do remember…
Remember the feelings of what it was like for you to look at me the way you did…
That way I fit in the crook of your arm
And they way our conversations would just go for hours….
I miss that..
I want that…
And sometimes….
It seems impossible that im ever going to have that again…